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Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter (1974)

This may be the most awesomely bad poster ever.
This may be the most awesomely bad poster ever.

“The only man alive feared by the walking dead!”
This is blatant false advertising; they’ve clearly never heard of him.

Directed by Brian Clemens
Starring Horst Janson, Caroline Munro, John Cater and Wanda Ventham

A small village in Transylwherever is plagued by a rash of early onset old age, so local physician Doctor Marcus (John Carson) calls on the aid of his old army buddy, the often shirtless Captain Kronos (Janson). Kronos and his friend, the hunchbacked Professor Hieronymus Grost (Cater), arrive with all speed – stopping only to rescue a girl named Carla (Munro) sentenced to the stocks for dancing on a Sunday – and begin an investigation with toads, bells and herbal cigarettes, for they are vampire hunters. Professional vampire hunters.

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Parallels (2015)

The Building... lacks distinctiveness.
The Building… lacks distinctiveness.

“What is the Building?”

Directed by Christopher Leone
Starring Mark Hapka, Jessica Rothe, Eric Jungmann and Constance Wu

Underground fighter Ronan Carter (Hapka) returns home after a long absence to find his father missing. Along with his sister Beatrix (Rothe) and lovelorn boy next door Harold (Jungmann), he tracks his father to a building which moves between parallel Earths once every thirty-six hours.

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The Lost Future (2010)


“Fighting for survival”

Directed by Mikael Salomon
Starring Sam Claflin, Corey Sevieras, Annabelle Wallis and Sean Bean

In a post-apocalyptic world, a tribe of human survivors scrape a living at Grey Rock, hunting sloth-bears and trying to avoid the Beasts, humans mutated by disease whose bite turns others into Beasts as well. Kaleb (Claflin) is a tracker and dreamer, overlooked in favour of the chief’s son Savan (Sevieras) by most, including Dorel (Wallis), the hypotenuse of a pointlessly forced love triangle.

When the Beasts attack their village, most of the tribe hide in a cave, while Kaleb, Savan and Dorel meet up with Amal (Bean), a member of a Brotherhood who retain some knowledge of the old world. He tells them of a powder which cures the Beast disease. If they can reach the city and find notes left by Kaleb’s father, they can make more of the powder, but the notes and the powder are guarded by a power-hungry tyrant, and only Kaleb can read.

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