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Avengers Endgame (2019) – Spoiler Free REVIEW

Older poster version, missing Danai Gurira’s name.

As with my Infinity War review, I’m going to go spoiler free on this one, since it’s just such a consequential thing. I mean, this is the conclusion – however long the MCU continues, what comes after this is a new chapter, even a new story – of an eleven year, ongoing movie franchise. It’s big, and spoiling it would be a major dick move.

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Avengers Infinity War (2018) – Spoiler Free Review

There are a lot of characters in this movie

Avengers Infinity War is a film with a lot of hype to live up to. The nineteenth entry in the almost-exactly ten year history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it reunites almost every major character from the previous films – there are four or five significant absences and a few minor ones – in a two and a half hour extravaganza. The clash with super-supervillain Thanos has been built up since the stinger of The Avengers (2012), while the Infinity Stones which form the driving force of the plot have been around since Captain America (2011) and were first named in Thor The Dark World (2013).

Against my usual custom, I’m not going straight into a full review. As with Arrival, I feel that this is a film significantly the better for going in without spoilers, so I’ll do the spoiler-filled analysis at a later date.

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