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We still watch them so you don’t have to

The eagle-eyed may already have noticed that the BMM has a new slogan. It felt like time; I’ve been using that one for nigh-on two decades. This doesn’t mean that we’re going to stop reviewing bad movies, nor that that won’t continue to be our bread and butter (in the sense that we do it a lot, rather than that it pays at all; we’re in this for the love of the game,) just that we will no longer be irrationally prejudiced against films just for failing to be a steaming pile.

Welcome to the Bad Movie Mecca

Once upon a time there was a website called the Bad Movie Mecca (the name is a reference to tea, by the way), where my friends and I wrote bad movie reviews. Now, that website has become a blog and the Bad Movie Mecca has become the Bad Movie Marathon (because I felt that the original title was potentially offensive without having a point to make) and the dream nightmare lives on.