The Great BMM Logo Competition

So, I’m thinking about making some changes to the site’s layout and theme. Nothing major, just tweaks really, but what I would like to do is add a Bad Movie Marathon logo.

Given that I have minimal graphic design skills (okay, in fairness to myself I do a mean image collage, but that’s not what I’m after,) I’m opening this one up to my vast readership, whom I know to be intelligent and talented people. Thus:

The Great BMM Logo Competition

Fabulous prizes to be won (in competitions that are not this one.)

Competition rules:

  • All entries must be submitted by the 31st May 2016
  • Entries should be sent in one of the more accessible image file formats to rffcambs at gmail dot com
  • All images must be public domain or owned by you, and you agree to allow me to use your entry – if selected from among what will doubtless be literally some entries – on the site in perpetuity.
  • My decision is final.

Competition guidelines:

  • I’m looking for a logo, rather than a picture or collage;
  • Keep it simple and appealing;
  • If there’s a visual gag, keep it subtle;
  • Ideally, the logo should be easily scaleable between largish and smallish.

The winner will receive my gratitude and all the fame and glory associated with having your work featured on a hobbyist movie review website and associated social media. I would love to say that there will be actual prizes, but that would be disingenuous, and indeed a lie.


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