Wyvern (2009)


“Ancient Evil has Come to Feed”

Directed by Steven R. Monroe
Starring Nick Chinlud, Erin Karpluk and Don S. Davis

The melting of the polar ice caps releases the Wyvern, an ancient dragon from Norse mythology. Flying south, the beast makes a nest near a remote Alaskan town and begins to feed on the population, leaving the survivors – led by ice trucker Jake (Chinlud) and cafe owner Claire (Karpluk) – to try to fight back.

What’s wrong with it?

The Wyvern itself is a pretty cheap piece of CGI, although that is nothing to the final truck explosion or the gore splatter deaths. The town is pretty much populated by stereotypes – the redneck, the hillbilly, the curmudgeonly old lady, the city slicker doctor – but no-one below the age of twenty-five, and the absence of schools and public play areas suggest that there have never been any children here.

What’s right with it?

The cast are pretty game, especially Don S. Davis in what was virtually his swan song (the film is dedicated to him).

How bad is it really?

As cheap and cheerful SyFy monster movies go, it’s actually pretty good.

Best bit (if such there is)?

The hillbilly’s account of the Wyvern’s origins is hilarious.

“The Nordic peoples spoke of a dragon so fierce, so nasty, it was rumoured to be birthed by Hel herself. That’s Hel with one ‘L’; the goddess of the Norse underground.”

What’s up with…?

  • The town of single, adult stereotypes? Is Beaver Mills a dumping ground for cliches?


Production values – The Wyvern is okay, but clearly ate all of the budget and any effects surrounding it are cheap as anything. The film is basically well made apart from that. 12
Dialogue and performances –  The cast are competent-to-good, but given little to work with. The characters are pretty stock and the dialogue poor, but not actively bad. 11
Plot and execution – The plot is pretty much cookie cutter monster movie. 13
Randomness – In its defence, the film pretty much sticks to its guns. 6
Waste of potential – It’s a fine example of a piss poor genre, or maybe it’s just that the last film I saw was Sharknado5

Overall 47%

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