Metallica Through the Never (2013)


“Experience Metallica Like Never Before”

Directed by Nimrod Antal
Starring Dane DeHaan and Metallica

As Metallica play a gig in Vancouver, one of their roadies, Trip (DeHaan), is sent to retrieve a vital item stranded in an out-of-gas tour van, but as the concert continues, Trip finds himself caught up in an escalating tide of urban violence.

What’s wrong with it?

The ‘plot’ of Through the Never is little more than I’ve outlined above. Its Wikipedia entry contains almost more detail and exposition than is ever shown of film, and the whole thing was probably just a dream anyway.

What’s right with it?

It’s a Metallica concert video. Now, I suspect that I missed much of its virtue by not seeing it in IMAX 3D, at which point the ‘plot’ sequences between the songs would have been a curiosity and a chance for your hearing to recover.

How bad is it really?

The film is trailed as more of a film with Metallica in it than what it actually is, which can lead to disappointment when it turns out not to be Metallica’s Mama Mia, and in all honesty once that concept is in your mind, it’s hard for anything not to disappoint you by not being whatever mad act of rebel genius your brain has kicked out in response. Sure, Casablanca was good, but how much more awesome if Ilsa sat down and said: “Play it, Sam. Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire.”

So, my disappointment with the film is of my own making, as perhaps yours will be each time you think of Victor Laszlo whipping up the patriotic fervour to drown out the Nazi’s singing with a storming chorus of The Unforgiven.

Best bit (if such there is)?

I could not escape the realisation that the drummer of one of the world’s greatest heavy metal bands looks, despite his badass Danish moniker, like a geography teacher.

What’s up with…?

  • Any of the non-concert segments? Really?


Production values – Now, I did not get to see this in all its glory, but the quality of the production was clear. In fact, it was a little uncanny how pristine the sound on the concert sequences was. I still expect some crowd noise on a live recording, but this was almost studio clear and I have to award points for the way that took me out of the setting. 8
Dialogue and performances –  James Hetfield remembers his lines. Dane DeHaan says ‘hey’ one time. 6
Plot and execution – There is no plot, only Zuul. 10
Randomness – Yeah; I have no idea what just happned. 14
Waste of potential – I still want to see a Metallica juke box musical, even if not based on Casablanca, but this is pretty much what it set out to be, even if it wasn’t what I hoped. 2

Overall 40%


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