Warlock II: The Armageddon (1993)


“When he comes… all Hell breaks loose.”

Director Anthony Hicox
Starring Julian Sands, Chris Young, Paula Marshall

Centuries ago, an order of druids prevent the birth of the Antichrist, but are then slaughtered and their magic stones stolen by Satan’s minions.

In the present day, the Antichrist is born with almost no preamble and it is left to the last few druids to train two young druid warriors to destroy the Warlock, while he seeks to recover the magic stones, each of which must be given up willingly.

What’s wrong with it?

Warlock: The Armageddon is a silly kind of film. Honestly, the druid thing is a bit bizarre, and Anthony Hickox indulges once more in his love of splatter.

What’s right with it?

It is, in its way, a lot of fun. Hickox may be a schlock director, but I can’t fault his sense of fun. It has a nice finale too, with the heroes using a modern approach to get around the limitations of magic.

How bad is it really?

It’s bad, but it’s not bad. Sure, Sands isn’t the greatest actor ever, but he’s kind of got that going for him as the almost alien Warlock/Antichrist. Hell, in this instance we even have a reason why the stones aren’t drowned in the ocean deep, since they are swiped by the Satanists at the beginning.

Best bit (if such there is)?

One of the old druids foolishly tries to take on the Warlock himself. He catches up to him in an elevator, raises the magic dagger to strike, and then we cut directly to the doors opening and the Warlock stepping out of an elevator plastered in gore.

Alternatively the music for the first showdown, which consisted of a choir singing what sounded like ‘Evil, evil, evil, evil.’

What’s up with…? 

  • The ancient Druids of North America?


Production values – Not bad for their day, if a little dated. The film doesn’t overplay the effects card and benefits because of it. 8

Dialogue and performances – Sands is oddly at home in the Warlock’s weirdo shoes, and the rest of the cast is serviceable if not actually good. The dialogue is not especially memorable, however, not even for any notable howlers. 12

Plot and execution – Again, the film is at worst workmanlike, competently shot and put together. The plot is simple, but a classic. 7

Randomness – Druids? The evil song? 11

Waste of potential – This is a solid entry in the Warlock series; not as good as the first, but streets ahead of the next. 8

Overall 45%


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